SAS/SZTUKA Gallery was created 3 years ago as a limb of association found in 1994. Association
was long time publisher of Sztuka („art”) magazine, which started in 50’ and was the most
important print reviewing art condition, art movements and events in our country and worldwide.
Association and later SAS/SZTUKA Gallery organised many exhibitions of living artists.
SAS/SZTUKA Gallery concentrates strictly on Polish art as dynamic changes in this region
stimulated many prolific artists. The gallery’s mission is to represent and support the work
of emerging and mid-career artists of all media and those with significant achievements.
We believe in art as an independent language of communication and a tool of change therefore
we want to be a bridge between talented people and the public.
Warsaw Art Fairs, October 2017,
Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg,
November 14-18, 2018